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About our website

Who took the photos? Why do we use social media? And what are cookies? Here you can find out more about our website.


All photos on this website were taken by photographer Ulla-Carin Ekblom, unless otherwise stated. Visit photographer Ulla-Carin Ekblom website.external link, opens in new window

Social media

Örebro Concert Hall and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra can be found on:

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We aim to address a wide target audience and, naturally, would like to communicate via popular media. Social media comprise an excellent channel for dialogues and getting to know what our visitors think of us. We update our pages with current events and provide you with a look behind the scenes at the concert hall and the chamber orchestra. So why not follow us?


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Örebro Concert Hall cookies

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Questions about this website?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our market coordinator Madelen Renner. Contact information for Madelen Renner.