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How to find us

Finding Örebro Concert Hall is easy. We're right in the centre of Örebro, by the river Svartån and just a stone's throw from the public transport hub.


Örebro Konserthus, Fabriksgatan 2 A, 702 10 Örebro

Ticket shop

Örebrokompaniet, Olof Palmes Torg 3 , 702 22 Örebro

Visitors to our offices

Örebro Konserthus, Fabriksgatan 2 B, 702 10 Örebro


The most convenient option is to park in one of the multi-storey car parks near Örebro Konserthus. Both Conventum on Fabriksgatan and Södergaraget on Änggatan are just a stone's throw from the concert venue. There are also a small number of parking spaces on the nearby roads.

Trains and buses

It takes about ten minutes to walk to Örebro Konserthus from Örebro Central Station. If you can get off the train at Södra Station, then it's just a couple of minutes' walk. If you'd like to take the bus, get off at Konserthuset or Våghustorget. Contact the local public transport hub for current bus and train timetables.


We'll happily help you order a taxi to pick you up outside Örebro Konserhus after the concert. Please contact the staff in the ticket office before the concert begins.