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A Chief conductor with high ambitions

Thomas Dausgaard has been with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra since 1997 – just two years after it was founded. With the attitude "it's difficult, but not impossible", he's guided the chamber orchestra to its own unique sound and international success.

Thomas Dausgaard has worked as Chief conductor for the Swedish Chamber Orchestra since 1997. He joined the chamber orchestra during its early years and has had an instrumental influence on its musical development since then. Parallel to this, Dausgaard's personal professional expression has developed and today he's in great demand as a conductor among orchestras throughout the world.

Found a musical identity

One project of major significance is the critically acclaimed series The Complete Orchestral Works of Beethoven – recordings of all of Beethoven's orchestral works. This is what Dausgaard has to say about the project:

"When we started the project, it was still relatively uncommon to play Beethoven's music with an orchestra as small as ours [39 musicians]. I was very curious about finding the chamber music at the core of Beethoven's orchestral music. I was inspired by working with an orchestra that had instruments from the period in which the music was written – not least in order to strive for nuances and a tonality that could be considered authentic and typical of the era when the music was created. But the most important aspect by far was the way in which the project created a feeling of fellowship within the orchestra, as well as a mutual goal. We successfully created a collective expression and a musical identity, as well as knowledge of what we were working with, how it could be expressed and why. That approach to our musical performance is something we have with us even when working with music composed by Ravel, Bruckner or Brett Dean."

Visit Thomas Dausgaard's own website. external link, opens in new windowThere you'll find, among other things, international reviews of Dausgaard and the chamber orchestra.

Thomas Dausgaard is photographed from below. He is dressed in black and holding a conductor's baton