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About the Concert Hall

On Fabriksgatan, right in the middle of town and by the river Svartån, is where you'll find Örebro Concert Hall. A place where visitors have been enjoying music and the arts since 1932.

A modern concert hall that welcomes everyone

In light of the Swedish Chamber Orchestra's evolution into an internationally renowned symphony orchestra with a strong public following in its home town, Örebro Municipality will celebrate its 750th anniversary by inaugurating a concert hall with state-of-the-art facilities based on Gustav Ahrn's classic building. Örebro's new concert hall will be inaugurated in December 2015.

The new concert hall

The building's spacious new concert hall with first-class acoustics has been complemented with a restaurant, new foyers, special rooms for child and youth activities and much more. The possibilities offered by modern sound and light technology, as well as accessibility for all, have governed both the planning and construction work.

The audience in focus

The main focus of the renovation has been the audience, found in Örebro and the entire region. We want to be able to offer a complete experience that meets today's audience's expectations for contemporary cultural events. A concert hall that is ready to face the future and that strengthens the role of culture in the town.