Chief conductor Martin Fröst
Has a vacancy for Trumpet Principal – full time
with obligation to play natural and German system trumpet
from November 2023 or as agreed

The Swedish Chamber Orchestra is a full-time ensemble of 39 players based in the city of Örebro (two hours west of Stockholm by car or by train). The orchestra has its home in the Örebro Concert Hall, where each member of the orchestra has a private practice room. The orchestra gives some 90 concerts a year including national and international touring (Lincoln Center, BBC Proms, Salzburger Festspiele, Europe and Japan etc). The orchestra records for BIS, Hyperion, SIMAX, Chandos, SONY etc.

The audition will take place in Örebro Concert Hall, Sweden on 22nd of August 2023

Audition 1st round

The repertoire for the first round will be:

EnescuLégende (Ed. Enoch)

Orchestral excerpts

StravinskyPulcinella: Toccata
Fig. 98 – 104
Fig. 107 – six bars after Fig. 108
Four bars before Fig. 117 – End
BrahmsSymphony No 2 (German trumpet)
1st mvnt bar 282 – 298
4th mvnt bar 382 – End

Audition repertoire for 2nd and 3rd rounds

HaydnConcerto in E flat major Hob. VIIe/1 (Bb trumpet)
1st mvnt (whole movement with cadenza)
VivianiSonata prima (Baroque trumpet)
1st mvnt Andante

Orchestral excerpts

BachChristmas Oratorio (Piccolo or Baroque trumpet)
No. 64 Choral: Nun seid ihr wohl gerochen
BachMass in B minor (Piccolo or Baroque trumpet)
Credo (Symbolum Nicenum): bar 29 – 47
MozartSymphony No 38 (Baroque trumpet)
3rd mvnt: bar 307 – End
BeethovenLeonore Ouverture No 2, op 72 (Baroque trumpet)
bar 392 – 411
BeethovenLeonore Ouverture No 3, op 72 (Baroque trumpet)
21 bars after D – to Fig. E
BeethovenPiano Concerto No 1 op 15 (Baroque trumpet)
1st mvnt: bar 90 – 106
BeethovenSymphony No 5 (Baroque trumpet)
2nd mvnt: bar 147 – 158
4th mvnt: beginning until bar 22
BeethovenSymphony No 7 (Baroque trumpet)
1st mvnt: bar 409 – End
3rd mvnt: bar 211 – 288
BeethovenSymphony No 9 (Baroque trumpet)
4th mvnt: Allegro assai – poco Adagio – Presto
SchumannSymphony No 2 (Baroque trumpet)
1st mvnt: beginning until bar 25
VerdiUn ballo in Maschera: Solo from Act 3
RavelPiano Concerto in G
1st mvnt: five bars before Fig. 2 – to Fig. 3, Fig. 4 – End
R. StraussDer Bürger als Edelmann op 60 (German trumpet)
No. 3 Der Fechtmeister: bar 5 – five bars before Fig. 38
No. 9 Das Diner: five bars after Fig. 110 – one bar after Fig. 115
SchönbergChamber Symphony No 2 op 38: bar 378 – 423
ShostakovichPiano Concerto No 1 op 35
1st mvnt: Fig. 10 – three bars after Fig. 11
2nd mvnt: Fig. 34 – 36
3rd mvnt: two bars after Fig. 63 – two bars after Fig. 66

Sheet music

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Please send your application with CV latest 17th of July to:
We require only CV – no special form or document is required for the application.

Artistic manager: Gregor Zubicky +46 (0)704 91 24 27
Union representative: Marcus Carlsson +46 (0)709 76 01 85

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